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John Dunsmore

Is it possible to run two network cards in NT4 Workstation in a novell environment?
One card (10/100 Compaq NE3121) for IPX/SPX and a ne2000 for TCP/IP Tried to set bindings for the card's but nothing seems to work!

Can anyone help?

David Wooden

Check the location of the NE3121 card. It must be in a busmaster enabled slot. I recently added a second network card, and found (after a few days'
troubleshooting) that the manufacturer had not put the existing card in a busmaster enabled slot. The system worked until I added the second card. After that, the original card no longer worked. In my system, the busmaster enabled slot was the one closest to the AGP slot (where the graphics card is installed). Putting the original card there solved the problem.

I realize that this may not apply, as I'm not using Novell at all, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


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An indirect answer, I've put to NIC's in both NT4 and Win98 2nd Ed with *NO* difficulty. This is an ideal way for someone working on TCP/IP to have their own hub & IP range for testing without risking duplicate IP with the organization at large.

However, my cards are new and I can easily invision that older cards (the ne2000 is pretty old, isn't it?) may not cooperate so well.

The other issue is I'd assume the more alike the internals of the card are, the more likely this dual NIC design will work seamlessly.

In my current desktop/NT4 I have 2 3Com Fast EtherLink XL (3C905B-tx) and the only problem has been Windoz does NOT usually define them as 1 or 2 in dialog boxes so it is often a hit-or-miss if the "first" is shown first or second in some applications. This runs mainly TCP/IP but we have some IPX on one of the networks.

In my home computer/Win98-2ndEd I have a NetGear FA110 ($39 last year) and a 2nd NetGear FA111 ($24.95 from Staples just 2 weeks ago). I actually run a firewall/ICS tool (ZoneAlarm-Pro) on this computer which also supports IP spoofing to allow multiple IP in my home network out a cable modem. Here I like the 2 different part numbers as it makes the NIC selection easy.

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This is something we do routinely. We have one card for the network and one card for the SCADA talking to the PLC. The biggest problem we find is when you try to set the IRQs for these cards. You must run the config for the network card from DOS or a DOS boot disk manually. Then you can run windows and set the IRQs for the correct configuration that you set from DOS.
Most 3com cards are this way, they won't take the config from Windows NT. Another thing is the type connection, if you select autodetect and have no connection when starting the machine the card may select the wrong interface.
>From that point on they won't work. Again set these from the DOS config program.


Alfonso Garcia


It's perfectly possible to have 2 cards working in
NT4. It's even possible to have your PC working as a router enabling IP forwarding. What I don't see is why do you use 2 cards. ¿Is it because you have 2 physical networks?

Do the cards work find by themselves?

Why don't you bind both protocols to the Compaq card?


Alfonso Garcia
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We have a combination network. Over 10 BaseT, we use both Novell and Ethernet. We have one machine that has two network cards in it. One is bound
to Novell, the other is bound to TCP/IP. Works for us.