Two PCs sharing data, was PC to PC communication through modem


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Greetings to all.. There are two Pentium III (800MHZ) PCs around 200mts apart. Both the PCs have same database. When data is entered in any of these PCs, it should be stored in both the PCs at the same. How can I get it done. RRI for IPA Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

greg goodman

What database engine? Running on what operating system? Data entered into the database using what mechanism? What sort of data entry? (field updates, new records, multi-part transactions?)

Skye Controls

Depends on the engine, and data object that you choose, but if you are using anything that supports jet there are two basic choices the SELECT INTO, and INSERT INTO, (SQL commands)you could also use the IN clause to only update specifed fields in either datbase, not the whole table, we have done this many of times and it is pretty simple, using Vb front ends or Visual C++...Rick
I would set up the database on one machine. Develop the software so that the clients share the database, leaves room for expansion. ie more computers ...

Paul Rucci