Types of ports to interact with PC


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I would like to know the types of ports used to communicate or exchange data to/from PC? Is it possible to give pin wise details of all of them?

Looking forward to someone to educate me and thanks beforehand.
OK. But with whom is the PC communicating? Like PC can communicate with the DH+ card with the PLC's. That is you have to inset DH+ card in the PC and the cable goes to the PLCs DH+ port. This is another communication the PC can make.


James Ingraham

In no particular order:

Serial (several flavors), Parallel (several flavors), SCSI (many flavors), USB (1.1 & 2.0), Firewire / IEEE-1394, Ethernet (many flavors), game port.

There are also specialized ports, e.g. audio ports including digital coaxial or optical S/PDIF.

Then there are all the fieldbuses (too many to name).

Then there is internal expansion; 8-bit and 16-bit ISA, 32- and 64- bit PCI, IDE for hard drives, floppy controllers, etc.

As for pin-outs, the only ones I think are useful are the serial and parallel ports. I don't have them handy, but you should be able to run them down pretty quickly with a web search.

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