Typical Gas Turbine Startup Curves


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Looking for the title or author of a paper published by GE many years ago. The paper showed "typical" characteristic curves for a gas turbine startup. As I recall, it showed the shaft speed, gas exhaust temperature, IGV position, and (perhaps) pressure ratio (normalized).

I think the focus of the paper was on the GE controller, Mark V (perhaps), not on the start-up characteristics. My purpose in finding in the paper is the graph showing startup characteristics.

Can someone provide the author, title, publication, of a paper with this information? (or a reference with similar information.)


The document you are looking for is "Fundamentals of Speedtronic Mark V Control System." I don't know if it listed an author, or if it had a formal GE Publication Number; I don't recall it did.

I found it on Scribd (not my favorite site...):


The graphic you're looking for is Figure 3, 'Mark V Start-up Curve,' on page 4.

I believe it's a "public domain" document, not considered by GE to be proprietary. Since GE no longer supports the Mark V, that's likely the reason my preferred Internet search engine didn't find it on any GE Company website (though they do seem to be making LOTS of Mark VI and Mark VIe documents available for free download these days, which is a change from past behaviours).

Scribd wants money to download the entire document if you're not already paying a subscription fee. You can try searching using your preferred Internet search engine to see if you can find it somewhere else, for less or for free. Or, someone might post to control.com and offer to send it to you for free if you'll send them your contact info. (I only have a hard copy of the document, and I can't scan and email one at this writing.)

Hope this helps!