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Manoj Topiwala

Dear all,
I have got few doubts, please clarify.
1) What is the function & importance of Chopper motor in case of Luft principle based on-line Infra-red Analyser ? What happens if the chopper
motor is removed ?
2) Which type of Analyser is best suitable for measuring on line Sulfer Dioxide & NO/NOx in stack emission monitoring of Cogeneration plant
utilising natural gas & HSD as fuel ? e.g. UV Photometric or IR analyser for SO2, Chemiluminescence or IR analyser for NO/NOx . Please brief the advantages & disadvantages. What are the permissible limits for venting SO2, NO/NOx & CO in atmosphere ?
3) From background gases interference point of view, Which type of IR analyser is best from Luft type NDIR , Gas filter corelation type IR
analyser or Single beam/ Dual Beam type filter IR analysers ? How ?
4) What is the function , necessity & importance of Cation column in conductivity measurement of steam for SWAS ?

Manoj Topiwala