UCVEM06A Profibus communication

Dear all,

We have GE UCVEM06A ISC controller, currently communicating with frequency drives using ISBUS.
Now we would like to use new generation drives on Profibus.
Please, could someone help us and give us instructions which communication card should we buy to have 40 drives on Profibus. Will SST-PB3-VME-2 do the job? Or can we simply convert UCVE Ethernet port to Profinet?
We are also searching for spare card UCVEM06A with rack.

Thanks for quick reply!

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The Innovation Series controllers came out in the 90s, and GE has been out of the drives business for nearly 20 years; its probably a bit much to hope for Profinet support now. :) At best you'd have to have a gateway device that does support Profinet and interface it to the UCVE via Modbus or something; if you're going that far, you might as well replace the UCVE with a modern PLC or controller that does Profinet directly. If you really want to keep the UCVE (hey, I like Toolbox a lot too, but I'm biased) or the application code, you're going to have to get creative. TMEIC took over some of those old products from GE and has a few of the original ISC developers hanging around still, they might be able to help.