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Mauricio Orellana

I'm looking for a Radio transmision system with the following characteristics..

TX with digital inputs
RX with digital outputs
Very low costs.
Rang ~= 5000 meters.

Thank a lots

Jake Brodsky

Radios usually aren't sold that way. Typically the radio would have some form of interface for an RTU, such as an RS-485.

Another issue is whether you're willing to license such a radio or not. This has much to do with what sort of terrain you're likely to cover. If your location is on a hill or other high location, with a clear view of a major city, I strongly suggest you go for some sort of licensed radio.

If, however, you're in a rural area, with lots of empty land around the areas you'd cover with your radio link, then an unlicensed radio would probably be a good fit for the application.

The other issue you haven't listed is reliability. You can buy a dirt cheap radio, but you'd better expect dirt cheap performance to come with it. You would also be wise to examine issues such as antenna mounting, transmission
lines, lightning protection, power sources and so forth. And finally, you made no mention of whether you needed any form of security, such as an encrypted data stream.

All these things are possible, but they do cost money. The bottom line with radio communications: there is no free lunch here...

Jake Brodsky

Thomas @ Bentek

Although we do offer UHF radios, that link was not one of them.

We offer both Wireless I/O, which are FHSS radios, and UHF radios. Generally they are third party products namely MDS.

Thomas @ Bentek
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