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Randy DeMars

We are a manufacturer of custom specialty machinery and are interested in the U.L. Custom Panel Builders Program. We would like to hear from others that have been through the program. Specifically, how much overhead does it add to the organization for record keeping, etc., hidden costs, etc.

We ship equipment all over the world. We are competent with NFPA and self
certify our equipment for CE before shipping to Europe. Are the requirements similar? Our equipment is custom-designed, so each electrical system though similar to the last, is different. Therefore we could not submit an electrical schematic for approval, then build the same thing many times. I assume that this program is meant to deal with just such situations, but would like the opinions of others that have been through it. Our electrical department consists of approximately 25 engineers/designers, and 35 electricians/technicians. Will there be training involved for everyone, or just for the designers, etc.

Very few of our machines go somewhere where a U.L. label is a necessity. It
would likely be cheaper to have those few inspected, but there may be
commercial or technical advantages to being a U.L. Panel Shop. Any comments
on this?

Thanks in advance...

Randy DeMars