Ultrasonic flow measurement


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What is the difference between the TransFlection and the Transit-time modes used in the ultrasonic flow measurements?
TransFlection is a technology from Panametrics,and it is still developed from transit-time principle. For detailed difference, it should be a business secret, so now there is no more details about it.

we need one ultrasonic flow meter on line 42 " that is inlet feed for gas refinery

process is natural gas and max flow rate is 25000000 m3/day

also let me know if portable is better or inline flow meter as our application

Rohit Chandak

Since its Natural Gas inlet to the refinery I am sure refinery is paying for the gas being supplied i.e. custody transfer application. if that is the case I would recommend fix type device with best possible accuracy. Multi Path Insertion Type on a spool piece would be highly recommended. if accuracy is not a big concern then single path could also do. Portable has no meaning on this application provided it is just a monitory flow measurement that to be periodical checking.