Ultrasonic Flow Meter Registering Too High


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I can't seem to find any good troubleshooting information about Ultrasonic flow meters. The manufacturer just bought this meter line from a smaller company and i take it they don't want much too do with it.

I have a portable ultrasonic flow meter monitoring a 4" SCH 80 pvc line. My transit time signal is 78% and as far as i can see nothing is unusual. I know we have high pressure levels in this area of our campus but 1999 GPM seems high :)

In looking for answers i came up bubkis. Anyone have good information on troubleshooting issues like this?

I am going to add on the doppler sensors and see if they do better, later on. This is our first installation on a chilled water line. We haven't had many problems on potable water lines.
I have no clue what might be wrong with your unnamed, unidentified transit time flow meter.

But, if doppler sensors 'do better' than transit time on chilled water, you have serious problems with the chilled water line.

Doppler requires bubbles or suspended solids to reflect energy, whereas transit time requires very low levels of either to get a reading or when there are medium to high levels, the meter fails to obtain and report a valid reading. Given the conditioning chilled water typically receives, transit time is the correct technology.