Ultrasonic level sensor with pulse output


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Hakan Ozevin

Does anybody know about an ultrasonic level sensor with pulse output instead of current/voltage output and measures up to 10 meters? I do not want to use a current/frequency converter, because of cost concerns.
Siemens has one, but it measures up to 1 m.

Hakan Ozevin
I don't know of such a device as D to A usually happens quite early on in the signal processing. If you do get a positive answer, I would be interested to know.


Tim. C.

Igor Caganek

Dear Mr. Ozevin:

We specialise in manufacturing ultrasonic level sensor, have many models, all of them can be furnished with a pulse output to suit the customer requirements. Please take a look at our web site and let me know what model would fit your application best. Also, let me know more details about your application. What are you going to monitor?
You may contact me directly for further details.
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Igor Caganek
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