Ultrasonic Sensor to PC serial port RS-232


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I am currently dealing with a project that I do not understand very clearly. I wish that someone could help me with the circuitry of this project and the programming part of it.

Actually, I am trying to develop a water level sensing plant. The water level should be sense every period of preset time. I am using an ultrasonic sensor to sense the level of the water in the tank and the output of it should be input to the PC via serial port (RS-232). The output of the sensor should have at least 0-10V in range. I am facing difficulties in the circuit designing and hoping so badly that someone might come to my aid. Thanks!

Sergey Yurish


Why not to use a digital or frequency output ultrasonic sensor, for example, from

In the first case it will be enough to use free terminal software in order to connect sensor to PC.

In the second case you can use the Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1)

and then the same free software. Such solution is more effective from metrological point of view.

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Sergey Yurish