Unable to Install ToolboxST V04.07.06C on Laptop


I am unable to install Toolbox ST V04.07.06C on my laptop which has Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Getting the message "OS not recognised. Operating System ID=2, Product ID='. Cannot determine if installation on this machine is valid". I have a license USB dongle in place during the installation.

For your information: this is not about the DONGLE (dongle is a hardware license to open the app after installation).

Instead you can see on your toolbox DVD package supported OS. If windows 8 is not supported by your version, I'm afraid to tell you that you cannot install it on that laptop.

Good luck.

Windows 8.1 is not a supported operating system for the Toolbox software. For this particular version I believe WinXP and Windows 7 are supported. I have also had success installing it on Server 2008R2. I use virtual machine software (VMware) for all my installations. You can install the software without the dongle, you just wont be able to use it without the dongle.
GE likes to support known good sets of software versions that have been tested together, and there was never a combination that included Windows 8.1. However, while ControlST never officially supported Windows 8/8.1 (it jumped from 7 right to 10 in ControlST 7.0), it actually does work on Windows 8.1. You'd be taking a risk since it isn't supported, there are possibly corner cases and odd behaviors you'll run into. Many of those are related to the fairly complex compatibility matrix between ControlST, CIMPLICITY, and various drivers and utilities that typically have to run together on an HMI. If you're only running ToolboxST the issues are less troublesome.

Some are Microsoft issues--in particular, watch out for the .NET framework 4.6 update, as it had a non-backward compatible change that broke most older versions of ControlST.

You can force ControlST to install by running the Setup program in windows 7 compatibility mode. You can do this by right-clicking the Setup.exe and selecting properties, the Compatibility tab, and set the Compatibility mode to Windows 7. I'd only do this if you're willing to put up with unsupported issues. :) I haven't done this in a while so there may be a step or two I'm forgetting.
Can install toolbox in widows 10? When i am installing am getting the same error as you got first?
have you installed the toolbox in windows 8?
or changed the OS?
While that same procedure will work to install old ToolboxST versions on Windows 10, it is almost impossible to avoid the .NET 4.6.2 update that breaks older versions of ToolboxST. Microsoft includes it out of the box on the latest Windows 10 builds and pushes it without asking on the older ones.

If you're in a position to upgrade, ToolboxST V04.07.12C fixed the compatibility issue. GE has issued CSB25346 on the problem.
I used toolboxst v4.07 work in windows 10 when I was open the project an alarm appear with this text " exception of type B4FFl. TAPIException was thrown "
If any one have an idea to solve this problem.

Good help on the comments. In short, any ControlST version 5.4 and earlier, use Windows 7. Otherwise you will have issues. Learn to use Oracle Box VMs. This will save lots of time and headache.

Hassanain, when you start getting into issues like this, I am sure that there are workarounds to fix this, but there may be a lot of issues in the background that you have not fixed. I would no longer trust my code validation or anything else.
I swear I replied to the TAPIException question on a different thread, but I don't see the post now. For that matter, searching for TAPIException doesn't even find this thread, so something is up with the forums.

Anyways, as ME42 says, you might have less trouble in a Windows 7 VM, but that introduces new pain as well, so I can understand wanting to get it to work bare metal. The particular error you're seeing with the TAPIException can generally be ignored unless your site uses Foundation Fieldbus I/O. If you want it to go away, you can download and install the Visual C++ 2010 runtime (x86) from the Microsoft website.

Other common issue you'll possibly have in Windows 10 is the monitor DPI is handled very differently. This is especially true on multi-monitor and 4K displays. It can result in unreadable text in ToolboxST. There is a workaround in the compatability settings if you go to the ToolboxST.exe and edit its properties, set the DPI override to allow Application to manage its DPI (the dialog has changed in every version of Windows 10 so far, BTW, or I'd give more exact instructions).