Underground water sensor


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hi all,

how do people who dig wells decide the spot where to dig?

is there any sensor that can predict the level at which water will be found? cost?

is there any indirect sensing method?

any help shall be greatly appreciated.

where to dig ?

Think the right way - where would it be best to have the well ?
For instance you dont want the well to far away.

Water on the surface of the land, is not a good sign. If water stays on a place there is probably clay below - making it difficult for water to sink down.

You dont want surface water, and when you get down below the clay - it will be dry, very dry normally.

It is better to drill / or dig in a place where it is dry, than to try a wet place.

Always be aware of any source of contamination.

I have drilled a number of wells, one well on a mountain turned out great, while some wells close to lakes turned out not so good.
thanks, all points well taken.
@d, >90% of the time you'll get water...

yes, no risks involved, it doesn't get that bad usually, we will get water only :)...