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Rahul Sakrikar

Has any body worked on underwater motion control with position feedback? We would like to have the information regarding the suppliers of motors and feedback devices which can work at a depth of about 15 meters.
It is worth having a look at bilge pumps. Some people use the motors from those. Most underwater ROV manufacturers mount standard motors/encoders etc in housings of their own design so that the output shaft or an additional shaft extension is
sealed. Some of these have a double seal arrangement with a compensator providing
pressurised oil between the seals for deepwater applications. For 15m the design can be fairly simple. Mechanical seals are usually used.

Suggest you also have a look in the Thomas Register for underwater and/or waterproof motors.

I'm not sure about feedback control, but I modified an electric outboard motor for one of my deep ocean projects and it worked flawlessly for
months. Control was rather crude but the motor worked perfectly.

Mark Hill
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Robert Close

Kollmorgen Corp's (now part of Danaher) has worked in the area of underwater unmanned vehicles for many years and has developed product specifically deigned for these purposes. Contact them at their Radford, VA facility.

Bob Close
Precision MicroControl Corp.

Cameron Anderson

I have worked on some underwater applications. I know <a href=http://www.thrusttube.com>LDL</a> has their Thrusttube Linear servo that can run under water. I'll have to think what the rotary servo motor was though...it was with a <a href=http://www.baysidemotion.com>Bayside</a> gearbox for underwater.<br><br>

Cameron Anderson
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