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I'm trying to write my own driver for communicating with TSX PLCs via Uni-Telway TCP protocol, but can't find the specification on it. Does anybody have information about it? I would be very grateful for any useful answers.

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Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

Dear friend,

As far as I know, the specifications of Unitelway TCP are not public open as Modbus TCP are. You may contact Schneider Automation in France to get this documentation.

David Doggett

I have been through this exercise once with a company and your best action will be to contact your local Schneider Electric office and through them contact Schneider Automation in France to obtain the Unite TCP Specifications. These specifications are not freely available on the web like the modbus protocols. Some parts of the specification will be available from your local Schneider Electric office but it is best to make contact and obtain the full specifications and help.

The protocol is not to difficult to write and I have seen basic working versions running in a few days.