Unidrive 2402


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I have a few issues with this unit. First I go to the default parameter 0.00 to enter in any one of the factory parameters and it never accepts them. It takes the unlock 149 but doesn't seem to unlock anything.

The menu jumps from 0.00 straight to .11 and a few parameters are missing between there and .50 and the advanced parameters start at 6.00

It seems to also be stuck in regen mode and I cannot unlock it to openloop.

bob peterson

I would just call the tech support guys and ask. I have always had good luck with them.

I seem to recall that the hardwired control has to be open to change some of the parameters.

enter your 149 into 0.00 to unlock
go to 0.48 and change it to 0 to get open loop
go to 0.00 to save by putting in 1000
once in open loop the other menus should show up. if not cycle power and make sure 0.48 is still 0 and try again.
To change the drive mode:

Enter 1253 (50Hz settings) or 1254 (60Hz settings)
in Pr0.00.

Go to Pr0.48 and then select the relevant operating mode - open loop, closed loop vector, servo or regen.

Once the required mode is selected, press the red reset button to select this.

The drive will do a reset and load this operating mode.

A save isn't required at this point, the drive will then power up into the newly selected operating mode every time.

Parameter changes then do need saving by setting Pr0.00 to 1000 and pressing the red reset button to activate the save.

If this doesn't work then it may indicate that a security code has been set.

You can download a User guide for the product from www.controltechniques.com which has full instructions. Go to the downloads section.