UNIPULSE Weighing Indicator


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We will instal new PVC Jumbo Bag Scale. The weighing indicator will used is UNIPULSE (japan).
As long as we have been using Yamato, Miyata, AND, Nagasaki, so UNIPULSE is new product that we will handle.
Therefore, by this forum, I need information from you about UNIPULSE weighing indicator. How the reliability, maintainability and something about this product. Let's share your experience for us.

Thank you very much for your attention.

We use unipulse wieght indicator here in our plant which we weigh fabric for a mixing operation that makes carpet pading. We haven't had any problems with them going bad until yesterday but i don't know all together if it is the weight indicator but when i switched it to another one and reconfigured it worked, i got involved at the tale end of it and could not properly trouble shoot so the fastest soultion was just to switch it out we use 3 F-805 models color screen,trending ability, compare functions, the primary screen shows everything you need to check day to day operations, hope this helps i will reply to this message if that controller was really bad.