Unique method to make a switch bracket.

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To control motion you must have switches and shitches have to be mounted. As a machine designer, I know locating and mounting switches are one of the last details and as such usually require special dimensions. You don't design a machine around standard switch brackets.

My partners and I are launching a new product line of switch brackets. We have developed a new and unique way to offer our customers a custom bracket, made to a specific dimension, at near standard hardware prices. To accomplish this, we stock a large number of precision laser cut blanks. We have also developed a fabrication system, which uses our own design of custom precision fixtures. To make a typical “L” bracket, using one of our fixtures we shear and brake a blank to make the base portion. We then shear the remaining flat portion to length and finally plug (tig) weld them together in another fixture to the required dimension. Check out our website at www.ezbrackets.com, we would like your comments and critique. Thank you Ron Gable, Design Engineer, EZBrackets.com