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W. Bacon

I work in the biotech field and we're looking for a pH probe that, ideally, would be steam sterilizable or disposable. Additionally, I would like it to be fully submergeable and less than four inches long.

Needless to say, I've had considerable trouble finding this probe. Does anybody have suggestions?
Have you tried Endress + Hauser? They might have something on their website at:

My catalog shows a pH electrode that withstands T up to 110 Deg C, which probably isn't high enough. I do know, however, that they have recently introduced a new pH probe that my local rep says is pretty amazing. That may have a higher temperature limit. There should also be some contact links on their website to send an email to an apps engineer.

Dean Reimer
BPB Westroc Inc.
Honeywell (formerly L&N) has a Durafet pH probe. The probe has an ion selective field effect transistor that does the sensing. Honeywell specs list the temp range at -10 to 110C with intermittent sterilization to 130C. I haven’t used this sensor, but my experience with their analyzers hasn’t been that good, but it may be what you need.

C. Shea