Unitelway nano with windows XP


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I have open this topic because I have a problem of communication between my nano and my serial port of windows xp. No communication is possible. In the notice, the designer says I can download the unitelway driver for xp on the web site of modicon's. But I don't find it.

I had same problem with Magelis display and unitelway protocol. I found the new driver, but I can't use it.
I needed to using an old PC with W98.

The software for the TSX Nano PLC (PL7-07) is not qualified for Windows XP. PL7-07 V4 will run OK under Windows 2000 and will communicate with the correct Untelway driver. PL7-07 is DOS based and as such is not well supported by XP. Using a Unitelway XP driver won't necessarily change the situation. I suggest using an older O/S or move over to the Twido PLC. You can import files into TwidoSoft exported from PL7-07 and run on up-to date and current hardware.

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