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J-F Portala

Hi listers,

I try to use unitelway driver in order to upload my plc program (written with PL7v3.1) to a tsx nano.

I think the unitelway driver needs to be installed
with adminitrator privileges.

The unitelway service doesn't not start.
When I use Xway tool to check the connection, it says me that the driver is not installed and a parameter is incorrect error 87.

On another PC, the driver starts, but when I try to connect, the message is : impossible to attach sockect.

Is someone ideas concerning these 2 problems.
I am using the rigth cable TSXpcu1030.

Thank you for your help
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Unitelway is a RS485 link, so i think that the socket isn't use by the drivers.
What is the OS of your PC (NT, Win98, ...) ?
In NT, you install the driver in administrator privilege.
After the install, you check the configuration of the driver (Unitelway slave, 9600b, 8 bit, 1 stop and odd, the number of adress is 3 and
start at 1).
Unitelway isn't in the service list, but in the peripherals list. His name is SA Unitelway Protocol. It would be launch and automatic.
In Xway you choose the unitelway drivers, and test with a mirror request.
Thank you for your answer concerning my problems.

My first problem (impossible to reinstall unitelway driver on my PC) was solved by installing the last version of this driver.

My second propblem was that when I launch PL707 (under winNT) the screen changes resolution (VGA because PL707 is a dos application) and after 2 seconds, returns back to window desktop.

I have made number of hardware changes and it seems to come from the graphic board. I have tested with 3 boards (two S3 trio 3D/2X agp and one Tseng Lab pci board ) same problem. With another graphic board, the problem disappears.

I don't have explanations.


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