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haris chaudhary

I need guidance regarding TDC3000 Universal station, one of my Universal station is showing Maint on its status. Before this its hard drive was going off. I changed this hard drive. After this US is working properly but maintenance is commining instead of OK. It is also not going to engineering menu. I think it is software release problem. Can anyone guide me regarding this, and how to rectify this?

Best regards.

Hi Haris,

Use "SYS MAINT" to see the maint messages on the Universal Station. You need to do this from the Console Status window only.

However it looks you are confused as US (universal station) does not contain any hard disk. I imagine you have replaced the Hard drive of History Module which is nothing to do with US.

So try to look for what is the problem from Maint message.

Hi Haris chaudhry,

From your message, it seems that it is USX not US. You forget to write X. This shows that your hard disk has a conflict with your TDC3000X software. Please use your DAT tape to install this upgrade software to your hard disk. Please send me your e-mail address, I will send you the whole procedure.

[email protected]