Universal Transducers with analog outputs


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I am looking for univerasl transducers for a tranmission and distribution system.

At present there are new transducers available in the market with direct connection to current transformers and potential transformers. The following values like current, voltage, active/reactive power, frequency and energy
are calculated internally. These values are available via a serial interface like IEC 870-5-103 or Profibus or Modbus etc.

My problem is that I dont have a serial interface in my project. I need analog outputs say 4-20mA or 0-20mA etc from the transducers. Most of the
transducers in the market only have three outputs. This way I cannot get all the calculated values out from the transducer.

I need transducers with eight or more analog outputs so that I can get all the calculated values from just one universal transducer.

Does anyone know of such transducers.

Mohammad Irfan

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