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RISC based PC Hardware, UNIX OS - can anyone name a few HMI vendors for a Project? Does this still go strong?

Raymundo Balderas

Hi, we work with a SCADA named Accesspoint wich has been implemented in UNIX-IRIX systems from Silicon Graphics and With UNIX-TRUE64 from COMPAQ

If you need more info Contact me ([email protected])
USData Factory Link used to be a primarily UNIX system and they historically had multiplaform, multi OS support. I don't know if that is still the case or not. Browse through the links on this site, you will find some implementations of HMI for Linux as well.

david mertens

Siemens PCS/PCS7-OSx runs on Linux/Unix. Foxboro IAS is also Unix based, but I think it only works in combination with Foxboro IAS hardware.
http://AccessWare.org has a full Linux True SCADA product called AccessPoint. Their newest products have been reported by The http://ScadaReport.com newsletters.

The AccessPoint 7 product is available currently for Linux Red Hat 7.3.

AccessPoint has been installed, in other versions, on SUN, SGI, DEC RISC platforms. Special arrangements can be made for the latest 7 version as required. Recently, SUN has been the platform chosen by ABB for AccessPoint.