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Mike H

Seeking best solutions to operate computerized saw when controller is problematic. Conditions of age @ 15 years or less w/10 hours per week of machine time for future apps. ??? create semi auto

Have replaced power unit in my controller, but power dropped below card support V. causing program errors.. The manufacturer is no longer in business, and have limited supply of parts 2 cards. Any ideas on best direction?? I have several other owners in same situation, which is fiscally strapping small to med size shops.

Mike H

Bob Peterson

Hard to give you much help without knowing more. It would be relatively easy to replace the controls with something else, but the cost might be higher than the shops are willing to pay.


Without knowing what the controller was actually controlling, pretty hard to help. I can imagine a small saw with a simple speed control cutting delicate pieces of wood....I can also imagine a very large saw to cut huge pieces of stone, where the bed is motorized and various servos control the angle of the saw blade and the table, water feed control, etc, etc. Let us know where in that range your application sits.
....but it should be easy to automate with a modern PLC and hardware or PC-based HMI, and no matter what the complexity, the cost to do so should be small relative to the cost of not having the equipment running. So I can't see how they could possibly be unwilling to do the upgrade when the alternative is guaranteed to be a dead end, and soon.