Unusual 4-20mA signals

4-20mA signal sending from dp flow tx, to plc, tx seems to be operating fine sends full 4-20mA range verified with process meter. But when shown on graph on hmi one transmitter only shows full scale signal the other half scale ie tx is sending 8mA which should be 25% of the full scale but hmi shows 100%
Other tx sends 20mA but graph will only see 50% of the full scale

there is 250ohms in the circuit, verified that the tx is sending the correct mA all the way to the plc
Any ideas would be great
Assuming your 250 ohm resister is good (should be getting 1-5 volts across it) either
1. your input card is bad.
2. your input card is not configured correctly.
3. your scaling of the input signal is off.
4. your scaling of the signal going to the HMI is off.
5. something else????
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