UP/DOC Programming Software

>> What's UP/DOC?
>"Universal Programmer/DOCumentor".
>It's an old DOS software package by Xcel Automation.

I am using it on an old TI PM550
I don't think you can just "get a copy of Updoc". If I recall correctly, there was a piece of hardware that you had to have installed in the computer that served as protection from someone doing what you want to do.

You can still get old VPU200 terminals off eBay and from some used PLC dealers. That might be your best bet, although in the long run you would be better off replacing the PLC with something a little more modern.

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I managed to get up/doc running on an old Windows 98 PC and successfully loaded a program to a PM550. However, we're not sure how to get the program to run. We were told there was a function key somewhere in the program to tell it to run. Does anyone familiar with this program know how to do that? It sounded like something simple, but I'm not seeing it.