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Mario de Sousa

Hello all,

The smm now supports multi-bit points. The syntax in the linuxplc.conf file is the same, with an extra column for the number of bits in the point. This column is optional, and points with no specified length default to a length of 1.

Any length may be specified, as long as the point does not overflow onto the next offset position, that is points starting at a bit 0 may have a maximum length of 32, bit 1 - max. length 31, ..., bit 31 - max length 1.

The plctest utility options are now slightly different.

The dump/view state option is now -d

The reset option (-r) no longer exists. In replacement the set (-s) option may optionally be followed by a value (-v) to store in the point. No -v option defaults to storing value 0 (i.e. equiv. to resetting). The -m option, used to specify the module_name to access the linuxplc has been removed. It has now been superceded by the --PLCmodule=foo option, which should be valid for any module using the linuxplc.

I'm not doing any more work on the smm over the
weekend, so enjoy.


Mario J. R. de Sousa [email protected]

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