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Curt Wuollet

Hi all

Just a link for those doing big time integration and feeling pressure to move to W2K.



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Ranjan Acharya

Samba versus Windows - Samba may be good now, but what about when .NET starts to make more headway in the Microsoft world. I think Microsoft are
really trying to kill GPL and GNU/Linux (why not Linux too? two birds with one stone) by patents and all the other associated goodies.

Bill Gates just confirmed Microsoft's position on the GPL at a recent Government Leaders Conference in Seattle. Not quite as vitriolic as Steve
Balmer with his "GNU/Linux and GPL are a cancer, communistic [sic] and un-American" statement from an "info-mercial" in the Chicago Sun-Times, but to an uninformed higher-up nasty words all the same.

Unfortunately, some administrators may be on the horns of a dilemma. Microsoft's .NET strategy (things such as C# and new file sharing protocols
recognising, for example, that Java is a bad thing) is one case in point. How are the writers of tools such as Samba going to handle Microsoft's
continual tweaking of the file sharing protocols (CIFS and SMB)? Microsoft are trying to fence themselves in in a patent wall, just like Intel with their new 64-bit processor. Microsoft are hoping that their sheet market size will make it impossible for alternative solution providers to compete.

The Free Software Foundation has made it clear that Microsoft's attempts to make it impossible for non-Microsoft systems to tie in to a Microsoft network for file sharing stuff (and so on) are not very funny. The DoJ were not interested in stopping Microsoft, can GNU/GPL/FSF?

Microsoft are supposed to be releasing some sort of licensing agreement for their SMB protocol for 2000/XP (.NET) in August of this year. It will
probably contain anti-GPL terms to make sure that the GNU/Linux community will not be able to swallow it. GNU/Linux being communist and all that.

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Curt Wuollet

Nothing new there. MS doesn't want to compete, especially on merit. They are counting on their billions to come through with the best justice money can buy. The latest is that Bill G actually tried to float the idea that, if the states get what they want, MS will have to withdraw Windows or ship versions that don't work. Now, there's a
threat that's gonna keep me awake nights. It's laughable that they would ever withdraw Windows and they have vast experience in shipping versions that don't work. I am amazed that their latest, blatent, anticompetitve behaviour, albeit legal, isn't seen as what it clearly is, contempt of the court and the law. They were successful in buying off the DOJ, I hope the states stand their ground and settle for nothing less than meaningful remedies. Abusing a monopoly to exclude
competition is illegal even if the means aren't. This seems like a pretty clear cut case of excluding competition from Linux.