Upgrade Of Systems Using Peer Cop


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Martin Belshaw

We are looking for an upgrade path for 984-685 + networked 984-145s utilising peer cop, using as much of the installed network infrastructure as possible. Something like Quantum + Momentum would be ok because the space envelope has to be more less the same. Only problem with momentum is every module seemingly counts as a node address, and this will be to the detriment of the network?

Any alternative sugestions much apreciated,

Martin Belshaw
Caperlig ltd
We too have a descision to make. We have two 685s and many 145s and 275s. Modicon notified us that they were doing away with 984 and Compact lines. The Quantum s would be a good fix for the 685s, but i don't see a good fix for Compact. The Momentum line can network to other i/o using iterbus. Not all has to be on MB+. Modicon (Schneider) has suggested using thier Premium line to replace 145/275s. They are basically the same footprint as compact. It requires different software. We were using Proworx. It programmed Quantum, 675, 145, and 275s. I'm not really happy with the descision to do away with compact. We may be switching to Allen Bradley.

If you are located in the US and if you are looking for support to facilitate your migration from legacy PLCs, feel free to call 800-468-5342.

Hope it'll help.