Upgrading DC control of veneer lathe


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David Foster

A customer has a veneer lathe spindle driven by a DC motor, which is in need of replacement. Currently there is an AC motor direct coupled to a DC generator which in turn is driving a DC motor. Speed control of the DC motor is by
manual means.

There seems to be two schools of thought, one stating that AC drives are suitable and the other camp with the view that only the DC solution will be suitable.

The application does require full torque available from zero speed (when the knife blade and guide roller is locked into the log), with 2-3 starts per minute.

I'd appreciate any advice as to what the industry in general sees as the best solution.
Lower costs and lower maintenance are advantages AC motors have over DC motors. Many AC variable frequency drive manufacturer offer advanced versions, called vector drives. AC vector drives are can provide similar performance to their DC counter parts.

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