Upgrading from <I> to HMI for GE Mark V


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Dear Friends,

We have GE Mark V with <I> and now want to upgrade to HMI. As I searched, we must upgrade PROM set. Could anyone describe me the procedure?

thank you in advance.

The basic process is as follows:

--Run CARD_ID.EXE; the results will tell GE what PROMsets are used in the panel.

--Identify the specific cards used for some applications (DCC/LCC, or SDCC/SLCC, etc.).

--Make a copy of your unit-specific software to be used to configure the new GE Mark V HMI (which runs MS-Windows and CIMPLICITY)

--GE will configure the new HMI with the site-specific software

--The NEW HMI will run ControlST and WorkstationST--which is both good and bad for the site's technicians. The Alarm Window is different--but MUCH better. The whole structure of the software and files on the GE Mark V HMI changes, and gets REALLY complicated, and is not very well documented.

--The new GE Mark V HMI will require new PROMsets be installed on some of the cards in the Mark V. I have heard of GE sending the PROMsets to be installed on site--but, it usually requires a LOT more than just swapping PROMsets. Usually, there are some software changes which have to be made--most of which are done "at the factory" before the software ships, but a few which inevitably get out to the field. So, swapping PROMsets is usually more involved and technical than simply removing PROMsets from card and installing new PROMsets in their places.

[The new PROMsets are required primarily to improve the StageLink communications between the operator interface and the Mark V. Generally, GE Mark V HMIs ask for a LOT more data very quickly than an <I>, and so the new PROMsets assist with handling the data requests.]

--There will be a pretty large learning curve for both the operators and their supervisors, and the technicians who will be responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining the Mark V and the GE Mark V HMI. Many of the original software "tools", such as Logic Forcing, Demand or User-Defined Displays, the I/O Coinfigurator and AutoCalibrate are still present and look very similar. As was previously mentioned, the Alarm Window is MUCH improved--but takes some time to become familiar with. TAKE THE TIME and become familiar with it--it is VERY useful.

Finally, there is a very kludgey implementation of ToolboxST on the newest GE Mark V HMIs. It can be extremely confusing and confounding, and while it should make things easier because the documentation is not very good it will be difficult to understand and can lead to self-inflicted software/files issues if extreme care is not used. MAKE SURE YOU GET TRAINING on how to use ToolboxST on the GE Mark V HMI. (HINT: It's NOT the same as on Mark VI or Mark VIe applications.) SO, MAKE BACK-UPS before making any changes to files after the upgrade (not that that shouldn't be done with any <I> or GE Mark V HMI--it's just especially important with the GE Mark V HMIs running ControlST and WorkstationST.

That's about it. Make sure you get good copies of TC2KREPT.TXT (if it's a gas turbine application), CSP.PRN, CSP_XREF.PRN, ALARM.LST, the I/O Configuration screens--both before the upgrade, AND AFTER the upgrade. Make sure the supplier provides instructions on how to generate the CSP Printout and how to print it, as well as how to print the I/O Report (TC2KREPT.TXT).

Hope this helps!!!

Andrew Turner


There are several alternatives which do not require changes to Proms. these systems are simply plug and play. The screens look exactly like Cimplicity and they come with lots of additional extra features and useful tools. They are also a fraction of the cost of the Ge Upgrade. Here's a link to just one of these after market manufacturers. http://www.tcssb.com/control-support/hmi-system-upgrade/

There are several good systems out there none of which require prom upgrade.