Upgrading Mitsubishi PLCs

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Andrew Hodgekins

After banging my head against a brick wall for the past week trying to interface using RS485 to a Mitsubishi FX24MR PLC, which I was told was version 3.,3 I have since taken the thing to bits and found that it's version 2.0 - so no wonder it didn't work. I noticed when I had the thing in pieces that only the top, small circuit board appears to have anything to do with the actual processor and internal logic & memory, so I was wondering if I could upgrade it to version 3.30 by changing this board - anyone know if this is possible (officially). I have another 2 PLCs which are also most likely out of date too, so buying new ones would be quite expensive. I've already shelled out on the the FX-485ADP modules too.

In case it matters, data register D8001 contains the number "20200", which I belive is a version number.

Any help much appreciated.

Andrew Hodgekins
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