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I have updated TC2KREPt.txt file based on IO.ASG, and I want upload this file again to MarkV. can someone help me the detail instructions how to upload the file TC2KREPT.txt to Mark V.

Thank you

TC2KREPT.TXT is not required by the Mark V for operation--nor can it be downloaded to the Mark V. (IO.ASG is used by the programs that create UNITDATA.DAT, which is the "Global Data Dictionary File," whatever that is--something "left over" from the GE SMART (and) REMOTE days. UNITDATA.DAT is used by all the compilers on the Mark V operator to relate/equate ASCII text control signal database point names to hexcadecimal addresses (which is the only kind of "signal name" the Mark V understands). And, it's used by the operator interface to convert signal values from hexadecimal memory addresses back to ASCII text signal names and engineering units for display on the operator interface screens.)

TC2KREPT.TXT is just an ASCII text file, created during the Mark V requisition process (when a panel is configured for a specific turbine and application) to be used by field- and site personnel during commissioning and troubleshooting. As you've found, it has to be manually updated to reflect any changes which have made on site--there is no automatic update when IO.ASG is edited, or when MK5MAKE.BAT is run, or no executable to run to update TC2KREPT.TXT.

TC2KREPT.TXT only resides on the Mark V operator interface.