Urgent Help for LT in Vacum service

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every body . Can anyone advise /recommend me the technique for installation of LT ( DP transmitter) in a column which goes to vacum?
What is done on the LP side ? If I fill it with some liquid it goes to the column on vacum. Is there any ISA /API guideline ?

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
Haldia Petrocemicals INDIA
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The appropriate way to measure level in your column is the flange mounted XTR (typical 3" flange). The high side is introduced at the bottom nozzle of the column and the low side is a capillary c/w sealed diaphragm located at the top nozzle. Consider zeroing the XTR: you need isolation and relief valves. Going with our typical 3" flange type then two 3" ball valves (one at bottom, one at top nozzles ) and simply 1/4" ball valves for relief. Piece of tubing if required to relief somewhere outside atmosphere. Your XTR being so isolated then adjust zero.