URGENT !!! intellution fix32

Actually, it *is* free. Your distributor or Intellution will give you the CDs, and you can program anything you like. It will run for two hours, then shut down. Now, if you want a key so that you don't have to restart the software every two hours... bring the PO. I don't think you can download it, tho.

Paul T
I originally was able to get the v6.15 free as a developer, but tried to get release of upgrade to v7.0 and had to pay $2300.00, iFix was an option but the migration isn't graceful and would have cost the client as much to migrate. We just wanted to update the OS and hardware from Win 95 to Win 2000 Pro. I think it was wrong to charge that much for a package that is destine to be obsolete. But they had to make a buck somewhere. I don't know why it isn't free, it needs a runtime key to run anyway. You can contact me at [email protected] if you need any help.