USB optical mouse for HMI


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We have a Yokogawa Centum CS3000 R3.08 HMI with USB operation keyboard (AIP827), a PS/2 PC keyboard and a USB optical mouse (Creative). These devices are connected to the PC (HP with an Intel CPU) running on Windows XP SP2. Sometimes the pointer does not respond anymore to the movement of the optical mouse. We need to disconnect it from the PC's USB port and reconnect it to be functional again.

We replaced the optical mouse with a PS/2 type (Genius) and the problem did not recur. Could there be a conflict between the USB operations keyboard and the USB optical mouse?

A lot of things could be possible. The most likely problem though is something in MS Windows is screwed up which is affecting its ability to read your mouse. That's not unusual, but I can't help you with how to fix it other than to reinstall MS Windows.

Another much less likely possibility is that something is wrong with your USB mouse. Try a different USB mouse and see if the problem goes away.