USB Serial Communication in Visual Basic 6


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Gautam Saha


I am trying to connect to a GSM mobile phone via the USB COM port. The phone's OEM has given a device driver for windows, which maps the device to a COM port (say COM 3).

1. I use MS hyperterminal to connect to the phone via the COM port, the port/phone responds well enough.

2. I have an app in VB6.0 which uses the MSComm OCX control to connect to this port. When I try to do the <MSCommObj>.PortOpen = TRUE it results in Runtime error. Is MSComm only for RS232 and not USB??

If so, how do I communicate to the device? Do I need to write an interface between the phone's driver and the VB app?

Please, suggest some workaround.


Mahesh Kumar

Hi Gautam,

It's good to hear that one more soul is trying the same. I think you are trying Foxlink Cable na

I am also doing the same.

Well, it's better to go for USB communication itself b'coz in my program it is not at all accepting through COM3.

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