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Martin Liebenberg

I purchased a new Compaq Presario 1700 series notebook, only to discover that there is no serial port installed and the motherboard doesn't accommodate the facility to upgrade to a serial port. I have problems finding a driver from USB to Serial "converter" that will be able to communicate for Siemens S5 & S7 PLC. I am desperately seeking a solution to this problem and have nowhere to turn to, as Compaq don't seem helpful. Can you help me?

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hello martin
I am Naresh rana from Print electronics (India).
from the details mentioned in your message
i suggest you to go for FTDI IC FT232AM.
we have used this IC for our recent project.
you don't have to go in much details about this
IC and its working, it just acts as as a
serial<->USB converter
you have to load its driver on your pc and
make a P.C.B which will act as inteface between
serial and usb port of P.C.
i have that P.C.B. available with me.
for any problems you can mail me at
"[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]

Helmut Meissner

From: [email protected] (Helmut Meissner)
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Subject: Re: PLCS: USB to Serial ...Siemens S5 & S7

Dear Mister Liebenberg,

with the S5 you will have no fun. I never found a solution to use an
other port than com1: or 2:.

Best you try to buy an old portibel 486 or pentium and use the SIemens S5 Software or S5 for Windows or PG 95 or ...

Did you ever search the Net for an PCMCIA-serial-Card ? Some Software works with COM3 or 4.

For the S7 you can use

- PCMCIA MPI-Card from Siemens

- USB-MPI-Adapter ( I did not use it until today, but it seem to work), it is by Process-Informatik
Copy from there homepage (german, but easy to understand)
multifunktionales Interfacekabel MPI - II 187Kbit/sek bis12Mbit/sek über RS-232 und USB-Schnittstelle ab EUR 299,-

- Ethernet-MPI-Adapter
Today I found an ad. by company IBH-Softtec ( "": )
They have a product named IBH-Link, that is connected on the PC side to an ethernet-port ond on the other side is an MPI-plug to be mounted on the PG/MPI-connector of the S7 (300/400). In the package is a driver for the SIMATIC STEP 7 software. Price about 350 Euro.
It is brand new, I did not found more informations but at the telefonthey told me, that it also fits together with there OPC-Server and the additional packages like VISU X and Diag X (good diagnostic tool for the S7)

I hope this informations con help you.

Greetings from germany

Helmut Meissner