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YX Siak

We have a couple projects that will be converted from USDATA's FactoryLink version 6.5 to either Wonderware, Intellution or RSView (final product still to be decided). Has anybody done any USDATA project conversions and can you offer any advice? Can the database be exported to a common file format for importation into another HMI? Can graphic displays be exported to another format (.wmf, .dxf, etc.)? How about scripting?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hevelton Araujo

Hello Siak,

The database can be exported using the Configuration Manager to fixed-width
text files; the database is also exported to CSV file when you restore an application from a multi-platform save.
The graphics are exported to a text file (.gx), but I haven't figured out a way to import that into anything, except another FL app.
The scripting (IML/CML) is made up of text files, but the sintax is not portable to any of the packages you mentioned.
We have done a few "conversions", and we found out that the best method for converting is to rewrite the whole application; you can import the database to avoid having to retype tag (variable) names and PLC addresses, but each package has its way of handling things, and trying to adapt the way one software works to another software usually consumes more time than redoing it.
Feel free to contact me directly if you want to excahnge more information.

PS.: Opinions are my own .......