use of counters on Telemecanique PLCs


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J-F Portala

Dear listers,
I have an application where I use 3 TSX nano (Telemecanique PLCs) and 1 encoder. The encoder is connected to the three fast counters of PLCs. At a frequency of 900 Hz, the 3 PLCs don't count the same number. The third PLC has a difference about 5%,first and second less than 1%. Is it normal, at this frequency? Do I need to decrease the frequency of my encoder?

I have made a small interface to improve the output signal of the encoder. The 3 outputs of my interface are stricly the same.

Thank you.
J-F Portala
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Manuel Negrete

Maybe the filter input is in 3ms, you must the filter input in 0 ms.
the default filter input is 12ms and can you change in the SW PL07.