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J-F Portala

Hi listers,

I'm looking for a soft tool for managing electrical drawings (with automatic number of cables...) I just have small electrical projects
and I have found a product which seems correspond to my needs. It is ECSCAD LT (limited to 50 drawings by folder). Is there anyone who is knowing or using this product. There is no demo
available, and I appreciate your opinion.

thank you.
J-F Portala
SoViLor company
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I'm nearly in the same situation as you. I have examples of ECSCAD but dont know which level. I need a program for professional process boards (Heating and air conditioning) and have clients that require this program. Do you know a french reseller or address to contact in french or english? I am wondering if the electrical schemas are in the basic program or add-on modules like AutoCAD.
We're a company based in Paris and we sell ECSCAD as well as ECSCAD LT.
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nous somme une société basé à Paris et nous vendons ECSCAD ansi que ECSCAD LT.