User defined Function blocks and Faceplates in Yokogawa CentumVP DCS?

We have Yokogawa Centum VP R4.02 version running on Windows Vista.

I want to make user defined Function blocks (e.g. Add on Instruction/Program) and then link these Function blocks with user defined Faceplates as ABB 800xA DCS allows.

So question is if Yokogawa DCS offers this custom user defined Function Blocks and Faceplates if yes then please guide me?
I do not recall about user defined blocks but certainly you can do your custom faceplates. The instruction manual has the information to create custom faceplates: basically is creating a graphic with "generic name binding" so when someone calls for the graphic they can pass along the parameters. The instruction manual is a set of pdf files installed on the hard drive when you install CENTUM. Read “Customizable Faceplate” in the Engineering Reference Vol.2 (IM 33K03G22-50E)