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phil dryburgh

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Application is fitting a Fax machine onboard a mobile machine. Trailing cable is used for the telephone line through sliprings, this is
causing problems with the Fax. I read on the list some time ago of the mercotac mercury commutator, if this would be of any benefit to overcome the problem Iam not sure. The other suggestion is the use of radio modems, if anyone can be of
assistance it would be appreciated.

Phil Dryburgh

Jeff P. LeBlanc

There are some 800MHz phone line extenders, there used in the oilfield to extend phones to oil platforms in the marsh or offshore. Try a company
called Cylink.
I seen wireless ethernet be used as a way to link hard to reach or temporary buildings. I believe it's "Micom" that makes a voice/tcpip pc board which is an ethernet card for a pc and two voice lines. The card maps a phone number to an IP addr. then back to phone on the other end. I've seen one wireless link handle PCs, Phone and Fax.

All we need now is a way to transmit 120VAC wireless.