Using a ladder network (LADSIM) for operating a soft drink machine


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dear sir,
i would like your help about some points of my project which is about how to design and test an operating programme using a ladder network (LADSIM) for operating a soft drink machine. the following points should be covered:

1. a description of how the designed of the ladder logic diagram, together with a print out of the ladder network, with comments on each rung that describe the operation of that part of the programme.

2. the results of the tests, showing that the performance criteria for the plant or operation have been met.

3. any improvements that might have been possible and necessary in a real environment given greater functionality.

i am really approchiate your helping ..

please if you can provide me about this information before the end of this week for importance..

again thanx for your helping..

Steve Bailey


I think your time would be better spent doing your homework rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you.

The LADSIM examples are simple, easy-to-understand simulations. If you have paid attention in class, you should have no problem programming the drinks machine example.
In Designing Projects there are no classes, especially for someone who did not even do Digital Systems
I did Machanics, so I know nothing about programming.