Using AB SLC I/Os on controlnet with Controllogix 5550 CPU


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Andrew Ng

Has anyone used AB SLC I/Os on control net with Controllogix 5550 CPU? Is this a possible combination?

Eddie Willers

It's probably possible to use discrete 1746 I/O on ControlNet with the 1747-ACN15 adapter by figuring out the generic ControlNet assemblies.

But I know you can't use analog I/O on ControlNet with the 1747 adapter. ControlLogix "Block-Transfer" emulation for the 1771 ControlNet adapter was a long time coming and won't be done for the 1747 adapter.

In short, you won't have much luck trying to use SLC I/O with the ControlLogix.
We have encountered this one in a job currently in the initial engineering stages involving an upgrade to a system controlled by a mix of Modicon and AB PLCs with very rudimentary "relay" handshaking. We decided to keep the SLC processors in the 3 racks that were not being replaced and add scanners for "handshaking" back to the ControlLogix.

Mike Gottwald

Yes. You can do that. One way is to use the prroducer/ consumer technology that the c-logix 5k processor provides. use RSnetworx to set up the devices. I have done it and it works good

Philip Wilkie

I recall a training session about 18 months ago when I looked at the 1747-ACN. It works, but the huge generational technology gap between the 1746 backplane protocol and the CIP CNet protocol mean that the solution is not pretty. I would only do this if I really had to.
It stands to Rockwell's credit that they provide such extensive legacy support for earlier products, (the SLC500 is now more than 12 years old) by providing components like this... but it is not always possible to do a technically elegant solution I guess.