Using both Modbus TCP and Profinet on the same ethernet cable

I have some Siemens PLC systems that use Profinet but for improving the temperature control we want to also be able to use Modbus TCP modules on the same ethernet interface and Profinet (which is actually ethernet, not?) cabling. So just add and connect the Modbus TCP slaves via the same ethernet cabling, add a modbus TCP interface in the PLC software and -go-.

Did you ever try that before, or must I install an extra ethernet interface for driving the modbus TCP in the PLC systems?

Thanks for your advice.
Best regards,
Patrick Duis
Project Engineer
Yes, you can use the same Ethernet connection for both PROFINET and Modbus/TCP devices. Our Ethernet gateways support multiple protocols simultaneously, which include both PROFINET and Modbus/TCP, and there are no issues with communicating using both at the same time. In fact, we have many customers using our gateways to bring Modbus/TCP devices onto a PROFINET network using a single Ethernet cable.

As an analogy, most computers only have one Ethernet cable, but you're able to view web pages, stream music or video, send/receive emails, access network resources, etc. all at the same time. Each of these use different protocols.