Using Excel Ontime macro doesn't execute while editting


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Jeff Couperus

I've written an application in excel to log data and generate reports automatically. Kind of a low end reporting system which does not require any HMI software. I'm a controls engineer and a good PLC HMI programmer but my computer programming and VBA skills are limited. I fumbled through it with a VBA book and it works great except there is a minor glitch. If the operator starts editting a cell and does not
hit enter or a system dialog box is open waiting for an operator response (such as open or saveas) my ontime events don't execute. According to what I've read this is the way the VBA is designed and it probably makes sense most of the time, however, when the ontime macros need to run or data is missed it can be a problem. Is there an event I can use to determine when the excel application is in this
state and if it remains in this state for more than 30 seconds or so send an escape key or close the dialog box. Any help would greatly

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Jeff Couperus
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Lorne R. Schneider

You can avoid this problem by using forms for data input.

Lorne R. Schneider
Calta Computer Systems