Using Fuzzy Logic controller to control dc servo motor through a microcontroller


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I will like to need some help here, can anyone tell me the ways to control a dc servo motor using Fuzzy Logic Controller through a microcontroller?? furthermore, the appropriate formulas to calculate the gains of the system.


Moleirinho Antonio

Using a fuzzy logic control it's a lot easier than use a normal controller like PD, PI or PID, because you can use linguistic statements!! It's simple to build, for example using Matlab tools designed for it like Fuzzy Toolbox!!

Johan Bengtsson

That is true - if you know the linguistic statements before you begin. But to properly tune a controller, using the proper tools, if that part is not known then I still think the PID controller will be tuned better with less time.

That is if you know both methods, if you only know fuzzy and don't have a clue (or just vaguely) about PID then the job would probably be done faster with fuzzy.

I was at a course sone years ago teaching fuzzy logic, we used an example there and I wold have done a good PID tuning of that one a *lot* faster with some PID controllers than with fuzzy - and got a better control as result. Fuzzy logic have one huge strength PID controllers have a hard time beating, and that is for more complicated controls where you have a lot of inputs controlled by a lot of ouputs in a complex manner but where you can put
words to this complexity.

A DC servo motor is not complex enough for that.

/Johan Bengtsson

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What are the better ways to control the servo motor without using the PID controller?
By the way does anyone has the mathematical model of a servo motor motion control and the whole servo motor system?